Web platform for Zurich Insurance that enables their network of brokers to create and manage insurance policies for small to medium-sized clients.


Zurich's existing broker platform was slow, not keeping up with competitors, and failing to integrate well into Zurich's back-end systems.

Alongside the need for a new broker platform, there was a separate platform developed for Zurich's underwriters to manage the quotes & policies that came in from the brokers which allowed them to respond to errors or unique requests.


Through field research, such as sitting with brokers while using existing systems and competitor platforms, it was quickly established that selecting the right trade for their clients was one of the biggest pain points.

The problem here was that it was difficult to know what exact trade to select for the client due to differences in classification on varying broker platforms.


This led us to develop a 'trade wizard', allowing brokers to free-type a trade and get a match, or alternatively, go through a stepped-process that might also get them to their desired trade.

The rest of the platform was a typical stepped form process with a dashboard for viewing previous quotes and managing policies.


Design: Harry
Engineering: Dave