Developing a new product for PetPlan, the pet insurance branch of Allianz Insurance for new puppy owners in their first 12 months

Over a period of 3 months, I worked on a project for the pet insurance branch of Allianz. My role was principally UX and strategy, however, I turned to interface design and front-end development when required.

The outcome resulted in us engaging in an agile process to develop PuppyCentre — a platform that helps new puppy owners in their first 12 months.


The project kicked off with a desire to understand the frustrations that new puppy owners faced, and how PetPlan could help them during this time. Through a series of workshops with new puppy owners, we uncovered some of the most common concerns.

I developed interactive prototypes that we were able to go out and test with puppy owners, gauging responses on some of the features that had been brainstormed during the workshops. After iterating on a number of these and stakeholder feedback sessions, we were able to move confidently towards the final solution.


The site was designed to be a native mobile application. However, limitations in tech meant that this vision would shift to being a responsive web application, with the design working to keep a native feel.

Key features included:

  • 12 Month timeline – featuring relevant articles.
  • Progression tracking – upload photos and rate the progress of your pup over the course of 12 months.
  • Expert advice – an integration with PetPlans Facebook page to broadcast live videos, including a countdown to the event, and user-submitted questions prepped before the event for the expert.
  • Community photo sharing

Very cute

Probably the cutest project I’ll ever be involved in (we opted for "add progress" rather than "pupdates"), it was fun and delivered on a user-centred design approach.


Product: Amy
Design: Harry
Engineering: Dave