I joined Clippings, an interior design startup, in the summer of 2018 as UX & Delivery Director. I worked closely with the VP of product to transform Clippings from an e-commerce website into a project management platform for interior designers.

In addition to creating this new platform for Clippings, I worked on many other areas of the website, such as improving the site’s navigation, redesigning the editorial section, and developing enterprise/white-labelled solutions based on Clippings’ software technology.

Product strategy
Product design
Product management


User interviews and research uncovered that interior designers have a difficult and fragmented work flow, where the majority of their time is spent on multiple spreadsheets and email communications. Clippings had a unique opportunity to significantly improve interior designers’ working process. Already having a large product catalogue, Clippings just needed a software component to make specifying these products and managing projects a better experience.

The design process that followed was explorative. We spoke with interior designers to understand in detail what their processes are when designing and putting together a project, and as a result, we became familiar with their tools and products that they use to manage projects.


We developed “Projects”. A location on Clippings where users can create projects and save products. Projects contained multiple features that kept the familiarity of Interior designers' existing workflow. “Board view” – a place where they can create a visual representation of their project, similar to a moodboard, allows them to organise products into spaces (collections of products). “Schedule view” – The spreadsheet they are used to, allows them to track and view how the project is going, and displays additional tabular detail at a glance.


In addition to the work on Projects, we also redesigned the navigation. With projects now being more of a focus, we shifted the navigation to having a single search bar & mega-nav approach, moving and simplifying the categories into a cleaner list and reworking, but keeping existing autocomplete functionality.


Over a period of a few weeks, I worked with the editorial team to understand the frustrations experienced with the existing way of adding and managing news articles on the Clippings website.

As an in-house project, progression was rapid. Working directly with the content publishers to understand their needs, I developed a content management system that delivered a much more beautiful presentation of articles, and also cut down the creation time of these articles from days to hours.