AccessAble is a platform that provides access guides, venues, and route information for individuals with disabilities. The task was redevelopment and modernisation of their existing platform. A large part of this project was understanding the needs of those with accessibility requirements, and how to best serve them through web and mobile applications.

Product strategy
Product design


The outset of the project involved going into the field and interviewing individuals with accessibility issues to understand what websites they enjoyed using, and how they used the existing AccessAble website.

We took their frustrations away and worked closely with the AccessAble team to develop a highly usable, cleanly designed, and functional way to find and consume access guides.


The project touched on many digital patterns and tested the best ways to achieve them, such as auto-complete, fuzzy search logic, advanced filtering, and combination map & list search views.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the project out till the end, however from reviewing the site today, it seems that the goals that were set out in the beginning were comfortably achieved.